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Leaping Leopards 3-5 Years

Children at this age are developing rapidly in all areas, and are becoming independent and confident learners as they are fascinated by the world around them. They enjoy learning and sharing their ideas and thoughts with adults and their peers using expressive and receptive languages. They are involved learners who wants to be included, guided and educated towards an informed and active citizen.

Our 3-5 years programs focuses on

  • Cognitive development through the activities that foster children’s curiosity, imagination, innovative thinking and decision making.
  • Literacy and communication skills.
  • Numeracy and mathematical concepts
  • Understanding the importance of being sustainable and be responsible to the world they live.
  •  building a positive sense of place to the community.
  • Self wellness (physical and emotional)

We provide children uninterrupted play time throughout the day which allows them explore their own way of learning. Other learning areas such as music & dancing, dramatic play and visual arts etc are also included in the 3-5 room’s program.

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