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Children’s first 2000 days (from conception to 5 years of age) is a crucial time for their physical, mental (emotional health), social and cognitive development. What happens in the child’s first 2000 days has been shown to have an impact throughout their life.​​

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Roberts Park Early Learning Centre provides a wide range of services for children and their families including:

“Advocate for young children”

Roberts Park ELC advocates for and actively promote the wellbeing of our children and their participation in making decisions that affect their lives. We believe children are born with the rights, and they have rights more than needs. Access to quality education is one of children’s right (UNCRC, Article 28). Children are confident and capable learners, the teachers and educators at Roberts Park ELC are passionate and committed to provide the excellent education and care for our children.

“The Environment as the ‘Third Teacher’”

Contemporary theories and research informed by the Reggio Emilia approach recognise and value the environment as a ‘third teacher’. At Roberts Park ELC, we provide children with an inclusive learning environment that is safe, secure and nurturing for children to learn and thrive. We understand every child is unique, and each of them have their own way and pace of learning. Therefore, our curriculum always reflects the needs in learning, interest, strengths and abilities of all children across our service.

“Children are our future leaders”

Inspiring our future leaders is crucial! We are certain that with our passion on Early Childhood Education and Care, children will be able to reach their full potential, achieve the best they can and contribute to the changes of the world.

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