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Jumping Joeys 2-3 Years

Toddlers are full of curiosity and are often discovering new things. They are enthusiastic, engaging and love to explore and experiment. They are beginning to develop more abilities with skills, and are keen to build on their dispositions and sense of agency as they begin to understand their surroundings.

Children at 2-3 years enjoy using their ‘languages’ to communicate with others such as drawing, images, signs or objects as they progress through the stages of pre-symbolic communication and become more conversational. Children’s ‘languages’ are the foundation of our programs. We also collect information from families and make observation of the child then critically interpret their learning and development.

As children begin to develop conversation skills, you may want to introduce your child to use the toilet. Our 2-3 years room is equipped with nappy change facilities and toilets. The teachers and educators in the room will work closely with you to maintain the same toilet routines that you use at home for your children.

Our program will continue to include stimulating activities

  • small group interactions
  • uninterrupted play & Independent exploration
  • Identifying emotions and self-help skills
  • Develop the concept of inclusions and empathy for others.
  • Music and movement experience and dramatic play.
  • Numeracy and early literacy such as playing with rhyme, Alphabetic Code, and print knowledge.

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