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Acknowledgement of Country

Roberts Park Early Learning Centre promotes diversity, fairness and respect for everyone and acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander are Australia’s first people. We would like to acknowledge the Darug and Eora people, who are the traditional owners of the land on which we operate. We also pay respect to elders past, present and future.

In relation to our children

Roberts Park ELC recognises children as citizens and confident leaners, we respect their rights and views. We are committed to protecting children’s right to play, to learn and to be safe regardless of their race, religion or abilities. Our curriculum is reflective of emergent curriculum which encourage learning through play and responsive to children’s interests and needs. The curriculum also adhere to guidelines set by National Quality Framework and The Early Years Learning Framework which aims to supports children’s learning and development through quality interactions with peers, families, educators and communities overall to pave the way for an exploratory of their belonging, being and becoming.

In relation to our families

We respect families’ rights to make decisions about their children as they are children’s first and most influential educators. We recognise the importance of respectful relationships with families through open communication as families are an integral part of who we are. We strive to build collaborative partnerships with families based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal role that each play in the lives of the child. We provide a welcoming, positive, safe and supportive environment where every family is valued.

In relation to our educators

Educators at Roberts Park ELC are dedicated professionals who value the importance of maintaining an optimum level of care and education for all children. It is of significance that all educators working with children are experienced and professional. Our educators are consistently developing and refining their professional practices, attending training to keep abreast with and effectively address evolving issues within the setting. All staff strictly abide by a specialised code of ethics, ensuring that duty of care is successfully honoured at all times.

In relation to the environment

We believe the importance of the natural environment and its resources. Our large, open and leafy outdoor setting is designed to incite a sense of connection to the natural environment, as children discover, examine and learn to become involved in and a part of the world around them. Our teachers and educators lead children’s journey of incorporating and embedding sustainability practices in our curriculum. We promote sustainable practices of rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle and are continually reflecting on our practices to ensure we are creating a more sustainable future.

In relation to the wider community

Our respectful ties with our local Council have been a catalyst in the development of our partnership with the local community more broadly. The relationship assists the service creating a good sense of belonging in children and a growing awareness of their place in their community. Creating social capital through children’s interactions and participations within their local community enables the children to be recognised. We believe that early childhood is a celebration of learning and honour of diversity that when valued and nurtured appropriately.

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