Our Centre Philosophy

At Roberts Park Early Learning centre, our focus is on providing children and their families with an environment that is safe, secure, friendly and nurturing. We welcome families from all walks of life and are committed in building strong relationships with them as we work together in partnerships. Our aim is to develop positive, open and supportive partnerships with families in order to maintain continuity of care for each child who attends the centre. Roberts Park Early Learning Centre is committed to an inclusive of all race, genders and cultures when it comes to the children, families, staff and the community. We respect and value all families and welcome them in sharing or contributing to our daily programs in order to help them feel a part of the centre.


The centre aims to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment which is child-focused, play based and meaningful for the children where they can learn and enhance their social emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual and creative development. It is essential that our service provides an environment of Being, Belonging and Becoming (EYLF) so our children become confident and competent individuals. Our programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the centre is guided by the National Quality Framework. In accordance with this curriculum, we aim to extend on children’s learning and ideas and enable them to become confident and capable learners. We respect each child’s abilities and encourage them to reach their full potential. We are also committed in meeting individual needs for each child, including those children with additional needs. We also teach our children to love and respect each other as well as their environment and aim to explore and teach them about the idea of sustainability within our centre.


We believe that our staff work to meet the needs of each family and are committed in providing the best quality of care. Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable working environment with time given for programming, studying and other duties. Therefore we only employ competent qualified individuals who have qualities such as empathy, understanding, respect, tolerance and a passion for working with children of all ages. We encourage our staff to share their feelings and be involved in the daily running of the centre, to provide and obtain feedback and work to the best of their ability. We also encourage our staff to further their learning and understanding of the child care industry by providing ongoing professional development.


We believe that children’s learning come not only from the centre and their families, but also from their community. A holistic approach is paramount to our program which is derived from the children, families and communities. Therefore we aim

  • to utilise the services provided by our local community within our programs in a meaningful and effective manner and
  • get involved in community events and promote a sense of social responsibility by supporting charities and celebrating important cultural events.
We respect diversity within our centre and community and aim to incorporate cultural events, traditions, practices, values and beliefs within our programs. Our aim is to build ongoing relationships and successful partnerships with the wider community.


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