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Transition To School Program

Starting school is a significant event for your child, yet it is exciting for families as well. At Roberts Park ELC, our transition to school program is focus on preparing children physically and mentally for the change to the formal schooling’s learning.

How does our program support your child’s transition to school?

Our teachers and educators will engage children in conversation, story reading about school, and encourage them to express their ideas about ‘Big School’.

We invite families for interview to discuss your child’s learning needs and developmental stages.

We liaise with local school for school visits and peer support programs to build on children’s knowledge of what a school is like.

Dramatic play- School days. Using school related pros such as uniforms, school bag, lunch boxes etc.

Introduce children with some school routines, such as preparing lunch boxes and drink bottle to support children’s development on self-help skills.

Support children’s interest and learning on literacy skills by including literacy items such as storybooks or writing materials in daily learning experience.

The NSW Department of Education and Training has developed a list of skills that may make starting school a bit easier (available on the website). Our school preparation program commences from the time your child is enrolled at our centre and represents a continuous approach to preparing each child for primary school. We aim to assist your child to develop the skills for them to be life-long learners. Our preschool educators will focus on helping your child to follow instructions, express their needs, use the toilet independently, adapt to unfamiliar settings and new experiences, play cooperatively with other children, sit still to listen and share an adult’s attention with several other children. To ensure a smooth transition for your child, the service liaises with the community, such as Greenacre Public School, as we engage in peer support opportunities to build their knowledge and share experiences of what “big school” is like.

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